To pursue engineering solution
with customers thoroughly.

Based on the technology of the marine electric equipment production up to 70 years,
we are developing blower / rotary machine manufacturing, maintenance of various types of infrastructure, maintenance of electric equipment,
engineering solutions business to comprehensively offer to design and development.
For many years of effort we developed a machine, various know-how including the electric control by dealing with business specialized
in a very niche of marine electrical equipment manufacturing.
Responding to a high demand from customers ONSEC shows its comprehensive strength on labor-saving, space-saving, power-saving and
offers the optimal solution, such as improvement of the working environment.
We select the best proposal to thoroughly pursue the cost down and the improvement of productivity along with the customer.
In addition, we are committed to deliver the products and services even a single article to send footwork through our strict quality control system.

Not only blower,
we are also efficient at pump,
engine and
infrastructure maintenance
including generator.

  • Thermal
    Power Generation
  • Waste
    Incineration Plant
  • Jet Fan
  • Subway
    (ventilation system)
  • Vehicle Fan
    For The Railroad

Thermal Power Generation (GTCC) / Waste Incineration Plant / Jet Fan / Subway(ventilation system) / Vehicle Fan For The Railroad

Supervision of the quality control

Employees take the responsibilities to supervise the attendance in order to deliver products and services mainly fan & motor which are cleared by our strict quality control system.

Marine-related The world classification standards
The Ministry of Defense standard / JIS /
JEM, etc.
Quality management system to
requirements of each customer
(Authorized factory, designated factory)
Rail-related National Railway Standards
Road facilities Rule of the Expressway company /
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
Power station Electric equipment technology standard

Design development

We deal with the existing facilities, remodeling of existing equipment to a new product development, offers engineering specializing in solving problems from the analysis of the problems faced by customers.

Electrical equipment maintenance

We conduct the maintenance of any rotating machine from the knowledge that we accumulated as an electrical equipment manufacturer. All generators, including local and foreign made, motor including local & overseas product, maintenance of the blower and repair, remodeling of the electric panel, pump repair, crane maintenance, the check of the machinery and a wide range of impeller balance correction.